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    About Page Speed Checker

    Page speed is currently a standout amongst the most imperative Google's ranking variables. Each site proprietor must focus on their site's speed since these days sites which stack to a great degree quick are making to the best positions in search engines. As indicated by some reviews directed previously, it was discovered that 47% of individuals anticipate that a web page will stack in under 2-3 seconds, and 40% of individuals leave a web page on the off chance that it takes over three seconds to stack. So page speed is pivotal to each website's survival in the online market.

    Be that as it may, how might you check whether your page stacks in less time or in the event that it requires more than average stacking investment? The expert staff at MagicSeoSolutions has made this free page speed checker tool which gives a total A-Z report of the site's stacking speed and furthermore tells which page or realistic sets aside how much opportunity to stack. Simply enter the total URL of your site in the crate and our tool will rapidly creep your entire web and disclose to you the general page stacking time and furthermore a diagram giving how long a specific page or image took to stack totally.


    How To Improve Page Speed?

    On the off chance that you have checked your site's page stacking speed and you have seen that it is requiring much investment to stack, at that point, there are some exceptionally powerful tips which you should begin following right at this point:

    • Reduce Server Response Time
    • Minimize HTTP Requests
    • Compress your images through online image compression tools
    • Enable Browser Caching
    • Reduce the No. of  Plugins that you use on your site
    • Optimize CSS Delivery


    We are certain that each webmaster would love this free Page Speed Checker Tool and play out a consistent page speed trial of their sites to check for any issue.


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