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    Enter up to 100 URLs (Each URL must be on separate line)

    About Server Status Checker

    Server Status Checker will let you know whether the server of your website is online or disconnected. It is an exceptionally valuable tool which each webmaster should use at general interims to keep them updated on their site's server status. As this tool is the urgent need of each webmaster, the group at MagicSeoSolutions has made it so everybody can utilize it for nothing.


    Here's how you can use this free SEO tool:

    • Enter the complete site URL into the textbox. You can even add up to 100 domains but make sure you write every URL on a separate line.
    • Click the "Submit" catch and let our tool discover the server status of every website you have entered.

    What's So Special About Server Status Checker?

    MagicSeoSolutions is a legitimate name in the SEO business, giving premium SEO tools at no cost and we take much preferable care of our clients over any other individual does.

    Our expert group of specialists has added numerous fantastic highlights to this tool. The most amazing thing is that as opposed to checking the server status of every website one by one, you would now be able to check whether the servers are running fine or not of up to 100 websites at any given moment.

    Regardless of what number of sites you check, our tool will show a precise server status report for each website you have written in, in under 2-3 seconds as it were.

    The server report is produced in a legitimate table frame. On the off chance that it shows the server status as "Online" at that point it implies your website is running fine, and each web client can without much of a stretch surf your site. Be that as it may, on the off chance that it shows the status as "Disconnected" at that point it implies there's an issue going ahead with the website, and you ought to promptly give careful consideration to the issue since clients can't peruse your site unless you settle the issue.

    In earlier years, webmasters have experienced numerous challenges since they never knew whether their website is available to everybody and the servers are running fine or not. Yet, now MagicSeoSolutions have made this tool with the goal that you can rapidly check the server status of any website in a matter of seconds as it were.

    Server Status Checker by MagicSeoSolutions is to a great degree quick, 100% precise, requires no enlistment, has an easy to use dashboard and perfect for each program. So utilize it without any stresses!


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