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    About Suspicious Domain Checker

    Each online information is presented to a huge number of online clients. You can take the case of a basic website, which can be gotten to by a huge number of online individuals. With the expanded number of individuals going to your website, there are numerous odds of your site getting infused by some infections. These infections can either enter your site through your PC or by a programmer! These infections can make hurt your site, and they may prompt a poor site wellbeing.

    MagicSeoSolutions has created a free website malware scanner known as "AVG Antivirus Checker" which examines your site for various infections and informs the site proprietor on the off chance that it establishes any infection on your site.


    Here's how you can use our Suspicious domain checker or AVG Antivirus Checker Tool:

    • Enter the complete URL of the site in the text box. You can even add up to 20 URLs at a time, make sure you add every URL on a separate line.
    • Click the 'Submit' button and let our tool crawl the website. Unlike other tools, Magic Seo Solutions online virus scanner tool only takes a second to generate a complete virus report of all the 'entered' websites. If it founds any malware on your site, it will update you.

    Why Should You Use MagicSeoSolutions AVG Antivirus Checker Tool?

    Each website proprietor must take legitimate care of their website and shield it from infections. Some infections can infuse into the site with the webmaster failing to know about them! So it's basic for each site proprietor to play out a total online infection output of their website through our free "AVG Antivirus Checker Tool". Infections wreck your site's wellbeing and they can influence the client encounter as well as influence the search motor rankings of the website.

    Use Magic Seo Solutions "AVG Antivirus Checker", since it's without quick, precise, and does not require any downloading. The one of a kind element of our tool is that as opposed to checking every website one by one, you can play out an infection output of up to 20 websites at once. Our tool does not require any enrollment and legitimately checks your site for infections.


    How To Protect A Wordpress Site From Malware or Virus Attacks?

    As many websites are facilitated by Wordpress, so here we have given some exceptionally valuable tips to shield your Wordpress site from malware or infection assaults:

    • Most infections or infusions happen in view of an obsolete form of Wordpress or Plugins. So at whatever point an update comes, ensure you don't come up with any rationalization for not updating!
    • Most site proprietors utilize the default username set by Wordpress 'administrator'. For legitimate security, utilize someone of a kind usernames and not the default 'administrator'.
    • Never utilize pilfered subjects and modules since they contain malware and can spread infections to clients. Ensure that you purchase subjects and modules from trusted sources as it were.
    • Backup Regularly


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